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Of the Wing: The Comic Strip

Beginning on April 27, 2022 I have uploaded a new comic strip every month, ending the series today, on August 27, 2022. My purpose has been to give prospective readers a fun insight in this middle-grade trilogy, which include the books An Odd Bird, The Hawk's Message, and The Shining Swan. (I also wanted to see if I could draw . . . Let's just say these skills are a "work in progress"--ha!)

        Seegood and Screecher #1


Seegood and Screecher #2


Seegood and Screecher #3


Seegood and Screecher #4


Seegood and Screecher #5


This comic may be over, but I won't wait long to experiment with something new to amuse, entertain, or inform you (hopefully)!

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