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Each week on Sunday noon, you can learn more about the book P.K. Butler is writing by answering given questions. Clues and hints will help you find the answers. There's only one "hitch" . . . you'll never know when the page will disappear. 


In what town and state is this story set?

CLUE: The author currently lives in this town.

HINT: Within this web site, where might you find information on where the author lives?


Two of the main story characters, sister and brother, live in the stone farm house pictured, a preserved  historic property called the Slyder Farm. Given the significant history of the town identified in your answer to Question #1, where do you think this farm is located?

HINT: The location requested is not a street address. It relates to a location and event of enormous consequence to our country for which this town is known. Any Google search will provide the answer.


Answer Key: 1) The story is set in Gettysburg, Pennsylvania.  2) The Slyder Farm is located on the Battlefield.

Note: Answer Keys will be provided the week following a posted page.