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Meet the Author

P.K. Butler is a Pennsylvania-based author of children’s books. She earned a Master of Art degree in English from Pennsylvania State University and thereafter pursued a teaching career in higher education. She is a birder, a stargazer, a gardener for pollinators, and an avid reader. Butler, who lives in Gettysburg, is always on the lookout for new trails to explore with her two big dogs, Rosie and Henry. 

On the Trail to a Trilogy

Through the forests of Pennsylvania, on the bayous of Arkansas, and over the hills and lakes of Ireland, P. K. Butler scouted for the stories in her trilogy OF THE WING.  In 2003, she began this long journey.  The first two books were originally published under the titles The Legend Awakes and the Ivory-billed Obsession.  However, Butler reimagined both stories while researching and writing the third. Retaining the trilogy title, she changed the book titles to what you see today.  Learn more about the history  of this trilogy on the web page Origin Story of a Trilogy.


It's Always about Birds with Me

After completing and publishing my trilogy OF THE WING, I knew I must write yet another book in the series. And I began to imagine what this story might be. Then out of the blue, another idea hit! The one I am now exploring in my newest illustrated chapter book serial series, The Bird Club.  Come back another time when I share some insights on how this seven-book story took root in my mind and heart.

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