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Welcome! Come here for updates on my writing and publishing projects as well as  personal events related to the natural world. 

New Feature: Monthly Comic Strip

April 20, 2022

If you follow my monthly updates to Amazon's Author Central (icon link in header of Home Page), you'll know from my latest video that on April 27, 2022, I'll be starting a new monthly feature

--a four-frame comic strip highlighting  central ideas in the trilogy Of the Wing. My intent is to attract new readers (young, old, and in between) to this mystical birding adventure spanning three locations: Pennsylania, Arkansas, and Ireland.


To give you an idea of what this comic strip will look like, I've uploaded the first frame in a "mock up" or practice version. Can you tell I'm not a professional artist? Ha! If you want to see the final and completed version, you'll need to check back on Wednesday, April 27. You'll find this comic and those to come under a new menu tab titled . . . Hmmm . . . I don't quite know yet. But it will temporarily replace the current Disappearing Page menu tab, which has been "retired" for a time. If you want to know why, check out that page before it truly disappears!

March 2, 2022

A New Moon and a New Direction

What better day than the New Moon to announce a significant development in my newest story. In February, 2022, I completed the first draft of book one in Star Trilogy (a working title). At this stage in the book-development process, a content editor reviews the initial draft and provides suggestions for improvement. My content editor, Linda Moist, a long-time editor and one-time children's librarian, suggested the deeper development of themes on which I had only touched. Her keen insights have opened my eyes to another dimension of the story, one that must be explored. Understandably, my writing timeline will be affected as will the publication date. 

Given this fluid situation, I'll refrain from imposing upon myself—and you—any additional release dates until the book is in physical production. That's a promise!

January 18, 2022

BlueInk Review Selects An Odd Bird for its Showcase Column in Booklist Online

An Odd Bird  was selected by BlueInk Reviews for inclusion in its January 2022 showcase column of favorite titles for Booklist Online, a publication of the American Library Association. Here's an excerpt from that review: "Butler's story is resplendent with rich descriptions, and she ably renders her characters and their conflicting emotions. With its flowing narrative, dimensional characters, and beautifully vivid details, the story is utterly immersive."


December 12, 2021


Star Birth  by P.K. Butler © 2021

While writing my books, I always seek inspiration in nature. That is, I take long walks with my dogs Rosie and Henry. Sometimes we hike the mountains in a local nature reserve, sometimes we roam the Gettysburg Battlefield, and sometimes we investigate Pine Grove Furnace State Park. While writing my current book, one about the dark night sky of stars and its rapid disappearance, I spend time outside in my backyard under the stars. But light pollution has seriously diminished the stark and beautiful grandeur of the night sky. To access that experience, one I knew well while living in Clearfield County, Pennsylvania, I've begun to experiment with abstract painting. I am new to this art and excited to express my inner self and ideas. Here, I offer you my intuitive look inside the "heart" of my newest trilogy, the Star Trilogy.

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December 4, 2021

Hardcover Edition of An Odd Bird 

Just received a proof copy of the first hardcover edition of An Odd Bird (book one in the trilogy Of the Wing ... the other books are to soon follow).

It looks lovely!


Within days, this hardback edition will be available through Barnes And Noble for $14.99. Meanwhile global distribution is in the works for wholesale and retail purchase. Updates on this to come!

Otherwise paperback ($7.99) and ebook editions ($3.99) are also available through Amazon.

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November 14, 2021
A Couple of Laughs

Here's my dog Rosie (left), keeping an eye on me as I take this photo. But where's Henry?




Oh! There he is . . . getting to know another tree.

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November 1, 2021

Monthly Video Updates on Amazon's Author Central


On November 13, I'll be uploading a new video to Author Central on the status of book one (no title as yet) in my newest trilogy. In fact, I'll be uploading a video each month to document my progress in writing, editing, and publishing this book. Want to know more? Click on the icon button (above, right) to get the scoop. And be sure to check back again in about two weeks. See you there!

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October 8, 2021

Exciting News (to Come)!

Hi! I was taking a photo of myself with Tony (my cat) when Henry (my dog) decided to join in. Rosie, my other dog, was uninterested in posing. My other two cats were elsewhere entertaining themselves. But about this post . . . 

I want to alert you to a new video that I'll be uploading within a week to Author Central to announce major news. I won't tell you what kind of news because this post is meant as a "teaser." So, here's my advice: Next Friday (October 15, 2021) check into Author Central to hear the big news!  (I've a button in the menu header of the home page to take you there.) 

Till then . . . 

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September 13, 2021


An Odd Bird  Earns a Starred Review!




I'm pleased to share great news from BlueInk Review--a starred review for An Odd Bird, book one in my trilogy Of the Wing. You can read the entire review at their web site: 

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September 3, 2021

A New Media Icon: Author Central at Amazon


Meet me at Author Central for regular video updates on my trilogy Of the Wing and upcoming projects. I just uploaded a preview to The Hawk's Message (book two in the trilogy). This video also includes a recap of An Odd Bird (book one). You'll also meet my cat Tony and two dogs, Rosie and Henry. So come visit me soon!

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August 17, 2021 

Coming Soon!

A Group Character Portrait for An Odd Bird

Madli Silm, the talented artist who created the book covers for Of the Wing, is currently working on a group portrait that includes Claire and her sheepdog Sammy; 
her best friend Victor; and an eccentric elder man, Jerry (known by the locals as the Chicken Man), with his pet chicken Becky. I've seen the sketch and its wonderful! A full page will be devoted to it and short biographies of each character. So stay tuned!

Here's hoping you haven't overlooked the latest "reveal" (see the July 27 posting below).You can now view the new Omnibus Edition cover available on the home page.

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August 7, 2021

Ebook editions of the trilogy
Of the Wing are now available on Barnes and Noble.


Stay tuned for further updates on distribution.


(You can also find these in ebook and paperback at Amazon).


An Odd Bird (I)


The Hawk's Message's (II)


The Shining Swan (III)

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August 1, 2021

I think it's worth saying that I added a Google Blogger icon to the header of my home page. This will link you to a bird blog I started late in the year 2008, so long ago that when I review some of these ancient posts, the images have disappeared! It's as though they have evaporated with time. Well, here's an image of a Great Egret I took a few days ago on another one of my creek outings with the dogs. (See post below). But if you want to learn more about this egret, how and where I saw him or her, you'll need to visit my blog. Since this will be your first visit, I've linked the photo for you. I'm guessing her/his image shouldn't evaporate any time soon . . .