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 Of the Wing: A Trilogy


Wonder who you'll meet in An Odd Bird? Let's solve the mystery right now with a few introductions!

Eleven-year-old Claire, a girl who loves birds so strongly that they come to her naturally,

is the central character, and wherever she goes, you're sure to find her English sheepdog

mix, Sammy.  Sammy is based on P.K. Butler's real life dog. Learn more about him and her cat Gwendolyn in a page devoted to the Animal Characters in Of the Wing. 

Claire's new friend is Victor. When not scouting the Pennsylvania woodlands with Claire,

he's a serious "gamer" on a virtual mission to Mars. 

The elder man with a chicken on his shoulder is Jerry, also known by the locals as the

"Chicken Man." (By the way, that's Becky on his shoulder.)

You'll find them all in An Odd Bird (book one),The Hawk's Message (book two), and

The Shining Swan (book three)—a middle grade trilogy titled Of the Wing.

Meet the Characters

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